Why your Android Auto disconnects and how to fix it

Few things are more frustrating when using Android Auto than unexpectedly disconnecting, at which point you lose what you were doing, the music stops and it also distracts you if you’re driving at the time. And yet it is one of the most common Android Auto errors.

There are many reasons why you could be disconnected Android Auto. We tell you all the possibilities why Android Auto is failing you and some clues about what you can do to solve it.

Pretty sure it’s the cable.

usb cable

If you are reading this article because Android Auto is disconnecting, almost always the problem is the cable, which is of poor quality and/or makes a bad connection. Google recommends that you use a “quality” cable to connect the phone to Android Auto, like the one that came with the phone in its box. Of course, the mobile manufacturer also recommends that you use the same cable to charge it, so if you don’t want to go everywhere with the cable, you should buy a quality cable.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on cable, but you should run away from cheap cables, which work fine at first and then not so much. If you suspect that the problem is with the cable, you can easily check if this is the case by trying another cable like the one that comes with the mobile, to see if it continues to happen to you. If the problem has been solved, you know, it’s time to get a new cable.

The mobile connector could be damaged


The second weak point that can cause Android Auto to disconnect is the mobile connector: where the cable connects to the mobile. The USB-C ports that are in style today are somewhat more resistant than the Micro USB of yesteryear, but it is possible that with use -especially if it is an old mobile- the port is damaged or dirtyand it doesn’t work well.

If the port is damaged and makes a bad connection, you will notice it when you put it on charge because it will normally make connection and disconnection noises when you put it on charge or connect it to a PC. if it’s dirtyyou can clean it carefully with a medium-hard brush or, in severe cases, with a pin dipped in alcohol (turn it off first).

How to know the version of Android Auto that you have installed on your mobile

if it is damaged there is not much you can do except find “the angle” that works or use a cable that makes a good connection to avoid disconnections or, of course, take it to the official technical service. To find out if the problem is in the cable, the mobile connector or the car connector, you will need to try connecting the mobile with different cables to different devices, to rule out.

Be careful with the USB port of the car


The third point that causes the most problems is the USB port of the car to which you connect. In some cars you must connect the mobile to a specific USB port to use it with Android Auto, while in others you could choose between several. The USB ports are somewhat more fragile than we would like and with a little force it could be causing problems.

If you are sure that the problem is not the cable or the mobile, it is quite likely that the problem is in the USB port of the car, and unfortunately there is not much you can do except try find the right angle that works and prevent it from moving during use, which is not easy at all. For a definitive solution you should consult a workshop.

Have you chosen the correct mode?


The type of connection that we choose on the mobile will not cause disconnections unless we touch it after connecting, but it is something to keep in mind. some mobiles they let you choose Android Auto mode when connected, while in others it works with the typical file transfer mode.

The most important thing is that you do not choose the charging only mode, because in this case the mobile cannot communicate with the infotainment service of the car. It is also recommended that turn off usb debuggingin case you had it activated.

Sometimes the app crashes

force detention

Android Auto is just another app and as such is prone to errors. What’s more, Android Auto accumulates a lot of known bugs that Google patches as best it can, sometimes with more success than others. It is not strange that the app crashes or malfunctionsfor no apparent reason.

If Android Auto was working perfectly for you and then suddenly stopped working, this may be the error. If you use the beta version, go back to stable version It may be a good choice. Similarly, if you’re using the stable version, installing the latest beta can help if it happens that Google has fixed the bug. If you want to try solutions more than walking around the house, it never hurts to try to clear the cache and data of the app to see if it improves.

Maybe the mobile is just full of power

Android Auto runs on your mobile and is “projected” to the screen of the car, so it requires a certain amount of power to work. It has no official minimum power requirements (beyond running Android Oreo), but this extra processing can be difficult to cope with a mobile that is very fair in power.

The symptoms to know if your mobile is with its tongue hanging out while using Android Auto are simple: it will overheat and go very slow if you try to tamper with it. When this happens, it’s not uncommon to end up getting disconnected. Speaking of heat, remember not to leave your mobile in the sun while you are using it with Android Auto, as this causes it to overheat and slow down.

Wireless mode has its problems


Are you one of the lucky few who can use Android Auto wirelessly? If you use it through an external adapter like Carsify, Motorola MA1 and company, you should know that it is relatively common for them to disconnect. Furthermore, it is also relatively common to be disconnected if you use it officially, connecting the mobile.

The truth is that Android Auto wireless mode is not too stable today, because the inherent instability of Android Auto is added an additional layer of uncertainty due to possible interference or overheating (especially if you are also charging the mobile wirelessly at the same time).

There is little you can do about it except try to connect via cable to see if it works better and keep the app up to datebecause in each new version several bug fixes are usually included.

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