Witness to damaged roller coaster at Madrid amusement park speaks: ‘There were calls for help’

A dozen people They were trapped this Wednesday at the top of a roller coaster from the Madrid amusement park for over an hour. This is the ‘Abyss’ attraction, which has a completely vertical section, place where the wagons were completely stopped.

Gonzalo was one of the witnesses who witnessed the moment and assures that he even heard “calls for help” from those trapped. Moreover, he indicates that there had already been “mechanical problems” with this attraction in the early afternoon, which is why they came to “stop it”. Despite this, ‘Abyss’ continued to operate, which for him it was “to the detriment of the security” of users.

Those affected remained more than an hour without being able to get off. According to what the amusement park reports to laSexta, the events occurred around the closing time of the center, without exceeding it, although eyewitnesses assure that when the park closed, they still had not been rescued.

From the park, they ensure that the situation has been checked and also specify that all the attractions are reviewed daily by the operators. Maintenance personnel were in charge of fixing the breakdown, although Madrid firefighters attended the scene. Fortunately, the incident left only a fright to those trapped.

Another of the witnesses, Joana, assures that it made a lot of “impression” to see the breakdown. “When you go up, this attraction lets you look up at the sky, that’s how they stayed,” he told laSexta, noting that after several minutes people got used to the position: “There were people with cell phones, it was like nothing had happened.”

According to Madrid Amusement Park on its website, ‘Abyss’ is one of the “most demanding and powerful” attractions on the site, being “one of the most exclusive and spectacular roller coasters in the world”. In it, you can experience a speed of up to 105 km/h, falling from a height of 49 meters “into the abyss”.

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