“Women who don’t menstruate, aren’t we women anymore?

newly appointed president of the Madrid PP, Isabel Díaz Ayuso participated in an informative breakfast where she presented some of the main lines of this new stage that is beginning. In this act was also Andrea Roberowho was able to talk to several members of the Popular Party, from Cuca Gamarra and José Luis Martínez Almeida, to Hope Aguirre.

It would be with the former president of the Community of Madrid with whom Andrea Ropero would have a little tense moment, because while the former politician insisted on calling laSexta “the sect”, the journalist responded by commenting that maybe ” she was more comfortable talk to Villarejo“. Between the push and the pull, Aguirre also had arguments to attack the Government: “Women who do not menstruate, are we no longer women? “, he wonders in the video on these lines.

Ayuso and “macho feminism”

“You speak of a macho feminism, is this the language of the new PP in Madrid or of the old Vox?” Andrea Ropero asks Isabel Díaz Ayuso in this video after saying that government feminism is aimed at “spoiled women who yearn to arrive alone and drunk”.

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