Yolanda Díaz’s “anthem” for her political platform

Yolanda Díaz has already registered the name and logo of Add, which will be its political platform. Besides, Ivan Lizard composed a “hymn” with the words of the Vice-President of the Government so that this summer in listening process It is also accompanied by a dance process.

“Add, add, add” is the catchy chorus of this hit where Yolanda Diaz invites to “add diversities” and “different projects” and in which he also admits that it is “the verb that I like to combine”. You can listen, sing and dance this Great song in the video on these lines.

“Cabezón soy”, hit by Pedro Sánchez

Iván Lagarto dedicated this tube to the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, with which he helps him to confess one of his “flaws” during a regional congress of the PSOE. You can see it in this video.

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